With my many years experience in the wedding industry, whether with My Sweet Event, or Courtney Laura, I have had the pleasure of working some incredibly talented human beings! Below is a list of those people whom I HIGHLY recommend!


When working with a videographer, it’s SO SO crucial to have the same approach when shooting your wedding! Nothing worse than a candid photographer, working with a posed videographer, if you know what I mean. I’ve worked with legends below, we have a lot of fun and the day flows so easily with them. Plus they are bloody talented!!

Scott - Cyan Wolves

Andrew and Grace - Bottlebrush Films

Tea - True Story

Glen - Directors Edge

If for some reason you don’t connect well with the above list, or they’re all booked – PLEASE contact me before looking for another videographer.


Ceremony is where you actually get married guys, the rest is a huge party to celebrate. That is why it’s important to get the right fit for you. You don’t want an amateur celebrant who forgets your name to run the show! You want someone that isn’t boring, awkward or nervous. You want someone confident that they know how to make a great memory for you. I’ve worked with the below celebrants and I can guarantee you will LOVE them!

Shannon Jean

Nat Sproal

Jo Betz

Russell Maucumber